Aid To Park Continues Through Challenges

Visitation is down, but that has been an opportunity for rangers to learn new techniques for interacting with visitors. School groups did do some activities, mostly before the park closures. Education and events are all being reworked into virtual or socially distanced models.



Event/Activity LCNPA Support Attendance 10/1/19-  9/30/20
Candle Making and Rendering fat, firewood, wax paper (wrapping candles) 250 visitors/ 155 students
Bats, Spiders, Owls Oh My! refreshments 300 participants
In Their Footsteps Lecture Series refreshments, hotel 263 attendees; 5 talks
Nature Matters Lecture Series hotel, stipend 372 attendees; 7 talks
Sunday in the Park w/Art refreshments 231 participants
Virtual Camps (4th-9th grade) registration account, packs 4 campers
Junior Ranger badges and pencils 3203 booklets / 2800 badges
Discovering York refreshments 66 attendees
Living history programs q-tips, muslin for patches and charcloth, lenses for historic eyeglasses,

flint for flint & steel, watch batteries, firewood

263 visitors / 570 students

Park pays for glass frames; ranger pays for prescription; LCNPA pays for lenses into glasses.

Teacher Workshops refreshments, curriculum, videos 1 COD workshop 3 teachers
Traveling Trunk Program reservation account, shipping cost, replacement cost 76 classes/ 1963 students
Aid to Staff books for new rangers – Charbonneau Portrait, Rebuilding an Icon, Plants of Fort Clatsop, L&C Journals abridged by Moulton 3 new seasonal rangers/Interns. If the rangers do not want to keep the books, then the books are regifted to the next new rangers.
Transportation Scholarship Up to $3000 per year.  Up to $200 per visit for Title I Schools who need Transportation assistance. Schools must complete and submit transportation scholarship form.
Read with a Ranger Education Program Originally supplied Seaman’s Journal books and replacements. Gearhart Elementary 2nd graders  1 class of 38 students and one Newfoundland dog.
Public Wifi Pays for Visitor Center wifi.  Available to all visitors.

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