Fort Clatsop Visitor Center Under Construction

Construction on the Fort Clatsop Visitor Center is underway!

The goal of our remodel is to improve visitor experience with a new entrance and an emphasis on greater accessibility. This means better bathrooms! We’ll be replacing and upgrading our bathrooms for accessibility. The remodel also includes: upgrading seating in our theater and installing acoustic panels, improving energy efficiency by replacing old windows and outdated heating and cooling systems, and expanding our collections storage.

If you come visit us during construction, please know that our main parking lot is closed and the front desk has been relocated to a mobile building in front of the visitor center. For now, guests can park in the RV parking lot just outside the main parking lot. We will also have an annex of the Fort Clatsop Bookstore. Our bathrooms are closed for the remodel as well. Portable facilities are available to guests.

Renovations are expected to be complete by summer of 2023.

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