The Fort Clatsop unit of the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park is a destination for visitors, tour groups and school groups.  The Lewis and Clark Expedition is brought to life through many educational activities here at the park. Each activity is tailored to the specific needs of each group.  The park offers many programs to educators, such as Traveling Trunks, educational field trips, classroom video loans, curriculum publications and a variety of Fort Clatsop Institute courses. 

Fort Clatsop Research Library
The Lewis and Clark National Historical Park Research Library’s primary objective is to select, preserve, and make available material to assist Lewis and Clark researchers.  This library is located in the visitor center of Fort Clatsop.  It consists of a significant collection of books, microfilm, microfiche, periodicals, maps, photographs, a vertical research file and other reference materials regarding the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery of 1803-1806. In addition to this, you’ll also find information about United States history as it pertains to exploration, maritime, fur trade, the settlement of the Pacific Northwest, regional Indian tribes (including the Chinook and Clatsop tribes,) and the history and development of Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.  For more information and for usage guidelines, contact us.

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