Collection: DONATIONS

The Lewis & Clark National Park Association (LCNPA) was established in 1963 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for the purpose of supporting National Park Service educational and interpretive activities at Fort Clatsop.

Throughout our history, the LCNPA has funded various key projects for the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. Our contributions include purchasing land for the park, funding the construction of trails and exhibits, publishing books, and supporting educational activities. Visit to learn more about our nonprofit support.

The Association receives no public funds, nor is it supported by any private endowment. If you would like to see the park continue to grow and expand, please consider making a donation or shopping in our bookstore.

Together, we can improve the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park and conserve the legacy of the expedition, assisting the park in its role of preserving and promoting America’s unique natural and cultural heritage in a time where discussion of historical events and peoples is more important than ever before.