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Sealing Wax Kit

Sealing Wax Kit

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5.5" Wax Seal Kit in Wooden Box

Our wax seal kit has a brass wax spoon with a wooden handle, brass star stamp with a wooden handle, brass lamp and wax sticks that slide in a drawer on the side of the box. The perfect addition to a writer's collection, who enjoy an old-fashioned touch of elegance. Kit includes: - Storage box- 5-1/2" L, 2-3/4" D, 2-1/2" H - Brass wax spoon with wooden handle- 4-3/4" - Brass star stamp with wooden handle- 3" long, star seal is 3/4" in diameter - Miniature brass oil lamp with cotton wick- 1-3/4" - Wax sticks (may arrive broken due to the inherent brittleness, but are still very functional)

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