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Compass: 7" Alidade

Compass: 7" Alidade

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Antique Brass Alidade Compass 7".

Nautical Antique Brass Alidade Compass 7 inch with telescope and bubble level is a beautiful nautical gem. Its beauty proves to be a perfect accent for spaces such as desktops, bookshelves, mantles, and more. This antique brass alidade has a magnetic compass mounted beneath it for guaranteed accurate readings as well as a bubble level placed on the telescope for precise sightings. The alidade mounts on an antique brass support with a complimenting hardwood base. Three adjustable leg-screws are included for perfect balance. This antique brass nautical gem features a real working telescope, a fine-quality item for surveyors to align and measure vertical and horizontal angles functional antique brass telescope Adjustable compass for accurate measurements Bubble leveling feet screws for precision and alignment.

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