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Arrival - Bronze Statue

Arrival - Bronze Statue

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Standing arms outstretched, Meriwether Lewis beholds the Pacific with excitement and thankfulness. Kneeling in a posture of stability and supplication, William Clark records the event in his journal. An un-named Clatsop Indian, representing native assistance through the course of the journey, holds a starry flounder for documentation in the journals. Lastly, Lewis' Newfoundland dog, Seaman, shows his unquestioning devotion to his master. Limited edition of 300, each 15" bronze is a separate work of art. Cast in the ancient lost-wax process, each has its individual hand-finished mold. After its 300th casting the mold will be destroyed, leaving the original investors with the only sculptures from this edition. A certificate of authenticity will accompany each numbered and dated bronze.

About Stan Wanlass

Stanley Wanlass has both a B.F.A. and M.A. degree in art, and has taught at universities in the United States and abroad, including the European Art Academy in Paris and the University of Grenoble, France. His sculptures are represented in the most prestigious museums and private collections in the world. He is the recipient of numerous awards and commissions, including a 32-ton sculpture for the city of Everett, Washington and a bicentennial medal design for the state of Oregon. In 1983 he completed a larger-than-life sculpture of "Arrival" for the National Park Service visitor center at the Fort Clatsop unit of Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.

Height: 15" (including walnut base)

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