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Coloring Book: Native Berries

Coloring Book: Native Berries

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Native Berries is both a reading and a coloring book. The plants covered in this book are native berries of the Coastal Pacific Northwest. The berries include salal, salmonberries, thimbleberries, oregon grape, twisted stalk, elderberries, red huckleberries, evergreen huckleberries, blackberries, crabapples, rose hips, wild strawberries and kinnickinnick. Illustrations are black and white pen and ink drawings, set side by side with detailed information about the plant: description, habitat, wildlife connection, ethnobotanical information, edibility and possible medicinal usage.

The book is sturdy, and all pages are 65 lb cover paper, great for color pencils and watercolors. Created by a local artist.

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