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Educator's Guide Set: Resource Guide and Tools of Survival

Educator's Guide Set: Resource Guide and Tools of Survival

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Educator's Resource Guide AND Tools of Survival With concise yet informative and in-depth background information on the Lewis & Clark Expedition, these curriculum guides offer a wide variety of activities to choose from. These activities can be incorporated into many subjects to make the learning experience meaningful in many areas. The expedition's story can be related to subjects such as reading, math, social studies, writing, spelling and vocabulary. Teachers can use as little or as much of the guides as they choose to enhance their students learning experience. The "Tools of Survival" curriculum guide provides many great illustrations and activities that relate to the material in the "Educator's Resource Guide". The curriculum guides can also be used separately.

Each curriculum guide is loose-leaf without binding.

Item #615 Educator's Resource Guide~$29.95 Item #642 Tools of Survival~$16.95 Item #614 Educator's Resource Guide/Tools of Survival combined price~$43.95 (a savings of $2.95 when purchased as a set)

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