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Inside a Bald Eagle's Nest

Inside a Bald Eagle's Nest

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Take a photographic journey of American Bald Eagles during the nesting season. Through 160 breathtaking images captured in eagles' natural habitats, this factual account offers a rare glimpse into the behaviors and activities of America's national symbol as it prepares a nest, mates, lays eggs, and raises its young. Travel with adult eagles as they gather nest materials, forage for prey, and ward off intruders into their territory. Included are tips for observing eagles and a glossary of terms. This is a perfect book for eagle enthusiasts and eagle nest cam viewers, nature and wildlife lovers, bird watchers, conservationists, scientists, teachers, children, and photographers. The one-of-a-kind photographs and comprehensive descriptions make this a must-have treasure to be enjoyed by all ages. Edition 1. Hardback binding. 160 color images. 112 pages. Authors: Gorrow, Teena Ruark - Koppie, Craig A. Publication date: 2013-12-28.

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