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Lewis and Clark Among the Indians

Lewis and Clark Among the Indians

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Most retellings of the Lewis and Clark Expedition focus on the titular men and their perspectives, often neglecting to acknowledge the other peoples and cultures they encountered along the way. Author James P. Ronda set out to correct this oversight in Lewis and Clark Among the Indians. This book takes an in-depth look at the interactions between the Expedition members and the native people they made contact with. 

 "The Corps of Discovery was a human community living in the midst of other human communities. The word among in the title was chosen to suggest that sense of living together. The daily dealings of Indians and explorers touched the full range of action and emotion. What is treated in these pages runs the gamut from high policy to personal liaisons, from the careful collection of ethnographic data to the sharing of food and songs around a blazing fire."

- James P. Ronda, Lewis and Clark Among the Indians

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