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Silver Signal Horn with Reed SALE

Silver Signal Horn with Reed SALE

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Small Signal Horn with reed. The Acme Small Harking Horn 171.5mm (approx. 6.75 inches) has a loud and distinctive note and is handy for all kinds of signaling. Manufactured in England by ACME, the horn is made from polished brass (in a silver color) and will not corrode or blemish in wet weather. The horn has a built-in single lanyard loop and is fitted with a hand-tuned, raucous reed that creates a blasting, attention-grabbing signal.  Made in the UK.

In May 1803, when purchasing supplies for the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery expedition, Meriwether Lewis bought four “tin horns”—elsewhere called “Tin blowing Trumpets” or, by Sgt. Ordway, “Sounden [Sounding] horns”—from Philadelphia tinsmith Thomas Passmore for 50 cents apiece. Judging from the price, they probably were of the type commonly used on eastern canals for signaling between boatmen and lock-tenders or wharf workers.

Horn signals were used to keep in touch when traveling by boat, summoning the men back to their boats for embarkation. On several occasions a horn was used to call in lost hunters.

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