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Jacobsen Sea Salt Slide Tin

Jacobsen Sea Salt Slide Tin

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Jacobsen Salt Co. salt tins are ready when you are to finish dishes, whether you're camping, tableside at a restaurant, or enjoying a fresh tomato from the garden.

Tin size is 2.25 in x 1.6 in.
Net weight for each tin is 0.42 ounces.

Founded in 2011, Jacobsen Salt Co. is the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since the 1800s. Since then, it has transformed from a local, small business to a nationally recognized brand as America’s leading salt maker. Harvested from the cold, pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast, our flake and kosher sea salts have garnered worldwide favor for their beautiful presentation and pure taste by professional chefs and home cooks alike.


Much of the Corps' stay on the North Coast was spent securing sustenance for the winter and provisions for the trip home. On December 28, 1805, the Lewis & Clark Expedition sent out a detachment of five men in search of a good place to make salt. The expedition, which had been wintering at Fort Clatsop, had run out and were in desperate need of more. Salt was important for meat preservation and thus for the crew’s survival on the trip back home. The rivers near the fort weren’t salty enough, and so a better place had to be found. The men found an ideal spot on the Pacific Ocean approximately 15 miles from Fort Clatsop where they set up the salt processing camp.

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